Hello, Edward. Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed your recent article in Medium about rhyming in poetry. It is really tough to write rhyming poems, for all the reasons you mention. But sometimes when I write poems, they INSIST that we want to be rhyming poems, and I have learned not to argue!

As far as other places for writing poetry, I had a chapbook published in 2008, have published in some small poetry journals, print and online, and won a few contests. But I really like writing for the publications on Medium ;both because you don’t have to wait 5 months to hear back, and, most importantly, because I love hearing directly from people like you who react to my poems.

The most successful poem I have published on Medium so far (over 1.2 K reads) is “How to Kill A Poem”. It seemed to connect with many readers who wrote to me about it. Here’s the link if you would like to read it ( but I warn you, it rhymes with a passion!)

Deborah Barchi has recently retired from her career as a librarian and now has time to read, explore nature, and write poetry and essays.