Dear Barbara, I have been writing on Medium for nearly a year and have always appreciated the comments that others leave about my writing. But I don't think I have ever appreciated a comment as much as I have yours! I am so glad that reading my essay about the precious gift of working with young children moved you to remember your own experiences as a teacher.

I believe completely in the importance of education for all ages of children, but I also believe that no school years are more important than those experienced by children in kindergarten through grade 3. It is here that children learn to trust their teachers and love learning, two experiences that will set them up for success all through their lives.

Yes, unfortunately teaching did not work out for me, primarily because I had not received the proper education for the task. But I did go on to become a children's librarian, and later (for most of my career) a public library director, for which I am truly grateful.

I see you are just beginning in Medium. I wish you success and great pleasure as you post your writing here. In my experience, Medium is filled with writers who want to help other writers achieve their best. One of the best ways to help other writers is to take a few moments to comment on the work you really enjoy.

Thank you, Barbara, for taking the time to write to me about your impressions of my essay.



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Deborah Barchi

Deborah Barchi has recently retired from her career as a librarian and now has time to read, explore nature, and write poetry and essays.